“My eyes are held together by
the tears that knock on my eyelids
and the yells pouring from my feeble mouth.
My wrists are held together by
the scars that refuse to fade
and by the bracelets that try to hide them.
My stomach is held together by
the binges of food that quickly follow
the fasting my stomach endures for days.
My bipolar mind holds together by
the voices that tell me to die
and the clouds and sunsets that tell me
“life is beautiful””
Life is Beautiful by S.N.S (via unlovable-bones)

(via unlovable-bones)

“There are some people, if you’re lucky, that will sort of float into your life, surrounded by some kind of otherworldly glow and you’ll find yourself asking what you’ve ever, ever done to deserve to even, like, live on the same planet with someone who radiates such loveliness.”